Saturday, December 22, 2012

little babies

we got to hang out with my baby nephew today. i could just eat him up. i absolutely love being an aunt. even though i haven't had any real auntly duties, i get to say, "I'M AN AUNT!" and do so proudly. and evan is just the cutest with him. WHICH MEANS he's going to be such a good dad. heart is successfully melted.

i fell in love with him all over again because we finally got to hold him after 2.5 weeks in the NICU and now he's finally home! 4 pounds, 11 ounces, 18 inches AND HOME! i could have just sat there all day and stared in his sweet little eyes but evan made me leave so we could come home and look at things for our baby. OUR BABY. let it be known that nothing will ever get done when we have our baby because i AM going to just sit in a rocking chair and stare. and stare. and stare some more.

little baby hason theodore, i adore you.

and you can't be in this family unless you're a bears fan. just look at hason's little hand, he's like "BURRRS. HOLLA." [actually they call that his "rodeo" hand because he's always got one hand up. little baby bull rider.]

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  1. Okay now I have to go through Judahs stuff bc he had a Chicago bears jersey from when he was a baby, if I find it I'll mail it to you :-) my sister's husband is from Chicago so they loved it when I posted pictures of him wearing it :-)

    I love that name Theodore! He is so cute!!!!! I already said you are such a natural mom but look at your hubby! You just know he is going to be a great dad! I am so happy for you both

    1. Evan would LOSE. HIS. MIND. Jess, seriously. Hahaha you're so awesome! And I know. He's going to be SO great. Cannot wait to fall in love like 885244 times a day!

      Theodore was Evans grandpa and his late uncle so they kept all the names family oriented which I think is so cool! Everyone already calls him their little teddy bear.

  2. Hason is the cutest baby!! And so, so tiny.

    Love these photos.

    And Larissa, DO NOT EAT THE BABY! [bad girl] ;)

    1. Isn't he?! I don't even have to be biased, it's just the truth! Hahaha I seriously just might eat him. Look out! ;]