Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our weekend;

FIRST. thank you, thank you ALL for your sweet, sweet comments on my whiny post. i have been in a funk for like 2 weeks. sometimes life isn't rainbows and unicorns and that's just fine. so thank you for making my life. i love the people i've met here. who come to listen to the nonsense i speak and make my life on those days that just aren't the best. <3 so thank you.

i think it was mostly the kind comments that totally picked me up, but this weekend was perfect. i started to feel better, evan got his wisdom teeth out and we spent the weekend just relaxing and hanging out with our friends and fams.

it was a good weekend and i needed that. what also helped was my friday off which meant it was a three day weekend. so yep, that made last week a TWO DAY work week. hollaaaa! i'm having a rough time adjusting to actually having to do work.

buuut back to the weekend. we spent saturday with my family because my brother is in town. i saw him for approximately 30 minutes. but my parents and evan and i had lots of good chats and they fed us which is always a good time. i had about a million twice baked potatoes and my mom made turkey instead of ham and it could easily have been the best turkey i've ever had. we spent the evening with some friends, one who was home for easter and some regulars and played the best game. ever. loaded questions. get it. basically, one person draws and card and picks a question and then everyone else answers it on a piece of paper. the person to the left of the drawer reads all the questions aloud and the drawer has to guess who said what. i am the best at this game and also i'm hilarious. when it was my turn to read, my answer was so funny i couldn't even read the rest of the answers. yes. i am one of those people who laughs at their own jokes. what?

sunday evan and i went to church, WHICH.WAS.AMAZING. i love holiday church. i felt so redeemed and convicted and new. fresh. clean. it was perfect. exactly what i needed.

we tried to shop for a lawn mower but that was boring so instead we went car shopping. we spent the afternoon in the hammock and laughing and being together. absolutely perfect.

and then we ate easter dinner with evan's entire family. i didn't have any deviled eggs this easter and i feel totally ripped off. i also haven't dyed eggs in like, 15 years. ripped off, again. i'm a firm believer colored eggs taste better anyway. NEXT YEAR. andplusalso, i held a baby and she looked real good on me. but kidding because no. not yet. she loved my phone and so we took a video of us to entertain her and when she saw evan she said "DAD!" and i was like ummm nope. and put that away because awkward?

but what's even more awkward was when i fell into the dessert table. and by table i mean apple pie. let me draw you a picture with my words. evan's parents have a "great room" which is attached to their dining room by some stairs. the stairs don't go all the way to the wall so there's a ledge and then nothing. it's like a 2 foot drop. i was standing on the top stair, drooling about the desserts, took a step forward and totally ate it into the table, hand smashed into the apple pie, and it was the funniest moment of my life. i was crying i was laughing so hard. no one saw, not even evan. but he wishes.

it was the perfect weekend. i cried a lot, but that was mostly because i'm hilarious and loving life. i also loved my easter dress. which is the same one i wear all the time, and would wear everyday if that were socially acceptable.

i further continue my campaign for 3.5 work weeks because that extended weekend was absolutely amazing. i love every moment of it. so far, this week has been pretty great as well. so if life wants to continue this way, i will be the happiest girl on the face of planet earth.

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  1. love that dress! glad you've cheered up!

  2. Your weekend looked amazing, glad your boots got less heavy!! ;) & you are adorable. the. end. xoxo

  3. @rachel-thanks girl! me. too.
    @meghan-it was! i am so happy this week. and agreed about the boots. ;] thank you sweet girl. you're pretty much the most adorable! <3 xo.

  4. OMG - I think it is so funny that you smacked the apple pie - makes me laugh - well, at least you could eat it off your hand and save a plate ☺
    love ya - Dolly

  5. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and out of your funk, AND that you had an amazing weekend. As far as you falling into a dessert table... I think you are my clumsy twin! I subsequently run into door frames and hit the corners of counters because I think I move to quickly. Hmph! Oh well. I hope your week continues to be perfect.

    **I think it is interesting how parents will fill in the voids of their children with pets. It's actually kind of cute, hah!

    I love cats personalities; so purr-fect.

    I will definitely post some more "flashback" photos. You'd just die - I was a pretty wild child.

  6. such a lovely post. so happy to hear you have cheered up! you look adorable. xoxo

  7. @dolly-what's worse is it had a whipped cream topping! Smashed the whole thing.
    @danielle-thank you sweet girl! I don't know when I became so clumsy! But all te time! Running into walls and doors and hitting my hand on random things. I swear these things jump out, though! ;]
    @little miss lovebird-thank you dear! You are so sweet!