Friday, March 23, 2012


Is it 8:00 am and did I go to the 2 hour midnight premier of the hunger games last night and go to bed around 4 because evan and i couldn't stop freaking out and get 3.5 hours of sleep before a 9 hour work day? Indeed it is. Worth it? Hell. Yes.

I read the books like 2 years ago. Before all this hub bub and any and all obnoxious teenagers got their hands on a copy. I didn't watch a single trailer. I didn't google who the stars were or how they'd be portrayed. It was a wonderful, epic surprise. And I ate it up. This is also the second movie I've ever seen that was adapted from a book that I read. Following? I kind of hate movies and I kind of don't have enough patience to sit through them. I'm crazy and I don't currrr.

I think they did such an amazing job casting and cutting the film into a reasonable amount of time without losing too much of the story. Oh my goodness. I loved it. I did not fall asleep and since my bedtime is like 9:30, that's kind of a big deal.

I also want to know how Katniss's hair was so perfect after spending days in a forest in just a braid. Like, it was so cute! I don't wash my hair for one day and I'm pretty sure we have a health code violation. Completely unfair.

Now let's talk about movie theater etiquette.
1. Don't bring your infant baby to an action/killing (spoiler alert?) movie at midnight. I'm sorry that you have a baby and you're only 16 so you don't yet know responsibility because you're just a baby yourself, but real babies shouldn't be awake at that time let alone have their developing minds bombarded with images of death. And their poor ears!!!
---we left that theater because although it was being thrown around by its mom and her friends and being very well behaved for an infant only controlled by emotions and not common sense, I didn't want to be sitting next to a crying baby. I didn't pay like $4891 to hear a baby cry. I would lose my mind with how many times that mom probably got up. And there were no babies in our new theater.

2. Don't talk. I mean, I have to have this as a rule? Holy cow, you're an idiot. Whispering is okay. I mean, you kind of have to when they totally eliminate this one part and then add in another random part (that I actually loved) and you're all "what the heckfire?!" but like, full out loud ass conversations? The. Whole. Movie? Are not okay. Everyone was telling them to shut up and shooshing them. If it weren't for the talking couple and the guy who was confused and thought it was a comedy and laughed-full out belly laughed-every other second, my theater was pretty great. Plus our friends were there and that in and of itself was great because i really like them.

3. OMGwtf. Why are concession prices so darn expensive? Do you want to buy this tub of popcorn for $80 and then refill it for only $35? *for a year. They don't warn you it's not good next year. Sneaky. Except I'm smarter than most concession goers and did not spend my life savings on a bottle of water and a kernel of popcorn. And the kid totally knew we were sneaking crap in (if you don't you are absurd and unamerican.) because we ordered a popcorn and no drinks. Ha.

4. It's highly unnecessary to write "district 4" in black eyeliner all over your face.

5. Can you for reals bring blankets into movies?! I saw so many people carrying blankets and wearing jammies and I was so, so incredibly jealous. I was freezing and also, I would have slept through the 8 hours of got damn previews.

Pretty successful, I'd say. I cannot wait for 5:00 tonight when I'm going to crawl into bed and sleep until Monday when I'm going to re-read this series and watch the movie again. And obsesses over how cute Gayle was and hello, haymitch. He reminded me of Sawyer from Lost and I love me some Sawyer. Good call Mr. Casting Man. But seriously. Read the book and see the movie. You'll love it.

And may the odds be EVER in your favor.

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  1. I heart this post!! David and I are so excited to go SUNDAY.... and i am pretty sure I will be taking my mom on monday just so I can see it again....

    Seriously a baby at a midnight showing!!! ????
    Some people's kids

  2. @andrea- it's so good! I hope you guys love it!!! And I know. I couldn't even believe it!

  3. I am so glad that the movie was amazing and that you had a good time watching it. I am totally agreeing with all your listed movie etiquette. Some people are just so freakin' rude!

    I know milk stresses you out... but it's so good Larisaa! No joke. Try it with almond milk or soy milk if you do that sorta thang. Hah.

    Thanks for the photo compliment.

  4. @danielle- "I know milk stresses you out" aaahaha I laughed so hard because it's true! =] I love almond! Yum. I'll try that with chips. Although I'm really weird about drinking and eating at the same time. As in....I don't drink anything until I'm done with my food. Girl has problems. Hahahaha

    I'm so glad those things are on your list too! What the heck! People are so weird.

    And also I'm a smidge jealz cause I don't get to go until tomorrow at noon and I just know there will be a kajillion 12 year olds that don't even really understand what's going on. They are only there cause their mom's want a day at the spa. You know it's true!
    Eyeliner all over their face? Who does that?!
    Babies should not be having babies. That would solve the problem.
    can't wait till I've seen it! We will be having a serious convo soon! ;)
    Happy Hunger Games, doll!

  6. haha. WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?!
    We've already discussed the movie/book/and all that jazz.. but I adored it too, despite the little differences here and there.
    So good!
    I want to reread the books too. I have all of them and read them a long time ago after my sister forced the first in my hands and said READ NOW!

  7. Haha. Larissa. Seriously I am the same way. I do not drink a sip when I am eating, I just really make myself with chips. We got 99 problems and a drink IS one. Ah!

    And yes.... people are uber weird.

  8. La la love this post :) its funny and cute. I am excited to go and see it unfortunately I am one of those people who have followed the crowd. Although I tried to not follow for a really long time and gave in about two days ago and finished last night. I wish it would have come into my hands sooner. I really agree about the baby thing and conversation , obsessive laughter when something clearly is not funning and just ignorance in general :) Thanks for stopping by my blog ( apologies on late reply) xx

  9. Love it when I find another person who loves this series. I unfortunately haven't seen the movie yet.. will soon. I read the books a year ago.. and I am usually not a fan movie adaptations of books I love but this one I am going to watch.. and hopefully love.

  10. Okay, thank you THANK YOU for the Haymitch looking like Sawyer comment. I've been saying the same thing since the midnight premiere and all my friends are, "nah, I don't see it." Which just proves that I need better friends, I guess.