Friday, December 23, 2011

this and that

my mom and i went on a sweet little mother-daughter date last night to our favorite pizza restaurant and then to watch some figure skating. it was seriously the best Christmas present, everever. we were thisclose to the ice and i had SO much fun.

i used to be a figure skater. i skated for about 5 years and i loved it. i miss it more than anything and i severely regret quitting. SO. i think i'm going back. i'm going to finish my "moves" which is basically technical stuff. the non-fancy stuff. cross overs, spirals, footwork. boring, but essential. and i only have 3 tests left. easy, peasy.

watching the ice skating, and the girls i used to skate with, my heart ached so bad to be out there. when i came home, i told evan i was going to explode if i didn't do an axel right here, right now. so i went in my backyard and popped one out right in front of my neighbor who was totally all, "what the hell is this crazy doing?" good thing, too, since i'm new here and all. but i'm not even kidding. there i was, warming up my legs, jumping around my backyard, holding my landings for a count of three and using my skater hands. my pretty little skater hands.

i'm ridiculous. i'm aware.

in other news, my iphone came today! i was so, so mad at verizon for telling me i had to order it (and not so much that, but the guy saying to me, "like. i. said." excuse me, don't talk to me that way.) and then telling me that it wouldn't ship until january 10th and all this and that so i gave them the finger and ordered it from apple (kidding, but seriously). it was supposed to get here next tuesday or wednesday. i wanted it SO bad before Christmas, since my upgrade was the 21st and all. i was religiously tracking my package yesterday and from 8 am to 5 pm it was in hong kong. i checked it this morning at 9 and it said "billings, mt" and i basically puked my pants off (new saying, ha, tobs =] ), called evan freaking out and called my secretary 592 times to see if it had arrived yet.

my friends and i were heytelling all day long and omg. my mom was SO mad at me. but it was so much fun. also? the new instagram (still running the old one on my ipod....ghettoooooo) is not the same. totally disappointed.

but otherwise? in love. and it is beautiful in its pretty pink case!

i hope you all have a very, merry christmas weekend!

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  1. Yay! I think that is awesome that you are going to get back into figure skating! I would love to watch you skate!

    Yeah, new IG is totally lame. Also, I'm sad that you didn't send me a heytell invite... =[