Friday, November 4, 2011

i have laryngitis.

self diagnosed.

but it's what half the team took home from ethiopia, and apparently i didn't sneak away from it. (secret: i love losing my voice.) anyway. i could make a bad joke about how "i went all the way to africa and all i got was lousy laryngitis." but i won't.

instead i'll awe you with some pretty pictures i took in africa.

yes, that thing under the petal looks like a spider BUT IT'S NOT i assure you. it's a new flower bud. I'VE CHECKED.

okay, so that last picture is DC. not africa. but fall there was ahhhhmazing. and clearly there is a LOT of pink in africa. it's kind of amazing.

3 loves:

  1. I like losing my voice too. =] I also like having a bad (good) cough. Not one of the painful gross ones, but like the perfect cough when every time you hack something up it just feels so good...haha.

    I love all the pink in Africa! It looks soo beautiful!!

  2. seriously bff, i love those good coughs, too! i wish i had a cough right now. then my life would be perfect. hahahaha

  3. i hope you feel better, fast! : )
    and get that pig soon. : )