Sunday, November 13, 2011

before and after

the only thing i had planned for my entire day yesterday was to beautify my dining room chairs. since we're moving and can't afford to just up and buy new furniture (unacceptable, but i'm coping), i'm going to make all our stuff new, myself.

stage one: dining room chairs.

(excuse the crappy cellphone pictures. thanks.)

we had these horrific microfiber seats that attract every stray dog, cat, and human hair and dust and dirt.  and you have to spend 45 minutes a day smoothing all the little microfibers to face the same way, otherwise they just look absolutely ridiculous.

so i fixed.

i had some left over fabric from when i made closet doors (because mine fell off the track every time you even just glanced their way). and since ALL THE CLOSET DOORS IN MY NEW HOUSE WORK LIKE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO (i'm screaming because i can't even wrap my mind around having stuff that actually works!) i no longer need the curtains. so i chopped them up and stapled them to the chairs and now we have the prettiest dining room chairs.


AH! they look like new chairs. (andrea, it's yellow, gray, and brown) and no more nasty microfiber!

evan and i knocked this project out in 2ish hours and had so. much. fun. we used a staple gun, which was awesome because we really have no experience with power tools because i'm 4 and i have my dad/brother do all my handyman stuff for me because evan and i are clueless. anywaaaay. we used a staple gun and we were staple happy. next, we're going to steal a saw and make new legs for our couches.

big things are happening here, people! big things!

and, if you're wondering, this was the easiest project ever. the hardest part was taking the seats off the chairs, which was mostly just time consuming with the 4213 screws and nuts and bolts in each chair.  i think evan and i will probably start an upholstery business because we're obviously professionals.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! =D One DIY down, about a million to go! <3

  2. Great! I'll send you all my chairs and couches for you guys to upholster them. :)

    but really, these look awesome! Way better than if you were to buy them at the store, that's for sure!

  3. Great job! I need to do this to my dining chairs!

  4. No doubt. We know how to get things done when we try! Can't wait to do more things like this with you. Love you Larry!

  5. Okay your chairs look so much better than mine. I like the way your chairs turned out...cute! I just used a solid color to recover mine. I am hoping soon to have a new table and chairs. Congrats on your first new home. Can't wait to see photos.

  6. couldn't find your email? hmm..

    the book is called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young! I LOVE it.

    you can buy it for the same price as the real book as an iphone app :)

    happy friday!