Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Thirty Four

319. When people can give you constructive criticism and not really criticize.

320. Husbands who clean the entire house in an hour to surprise me after work. And then leave me a little love note. <3 EPC gets the gold medal in husbandness.

321. Last day of August. Finally.

322. Paying for Ethiopia. With help from the most generous people I've ever heard of. God provides.

323. Matthew 6:25-33.

324. Brand new kindle. Sometimes, Amazon just really is the most amazing company in the world.

325. Finding a beer I like love. Shock Top Raspberry Wheat. I hate beer, but most especially wheat beer. And this? YUM.

326. This:
Eeee!!! <3

2 loves:

  1. Gold Medal to Evan--NICE!!! Love it when hubs take on the mantle of house-cleaner and amaze us with their epic tidying skills :]

    Sounds like life is beautiful!

  2. Shock Top Raspberry!! And I am soo stinking excited for your house. Can you guys just buy it already so we can start decorating?? haha. <3