Monday, September 26, 2011


+you know how i could never talk to you? so you let me play mah jong while i broke up with you.

+it was spirit week, more specifically cowboy day. i almost took the blades off my ice skates because i thought they'd look like cowboy boots.

+i remember our first kiss, during dick & jane. we watched every deleted scene, every blooper, every extended extra, and let that opening scene on the dvd play over and over and over again. just so i didn't have to leave.

+i was two seconds away from pouring ketchup all over myself and the carpet, and pretending to be dead. but then you came out of the bathroom, so i didn't.

+we forgot to put our house keys back in our backpacks so we checked every window, every door, and had to wait until dad got home to get in the house. in the mean time, we laid in the grass between the our house and mema's, and took naps.

+the unspoken rule of "whoever asks if we can watch tv gets to control the remote."

+those lights in the livingroom, with that metal ring. you're suppose to pour the perfume on the ring and not on the hot lightbulb, and it's not suppose to shatter all over you.

+i remember exactly what i was wearing when i met you: khaki shorts, a blue aero shirt, an orange tank top, and some sort of flip flops. i don't know why i would remember that, i didn't even talk to you, or look at you.

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  1. Wow, what a cute little post. Seems very genuine and meaningful. How sweet :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. larissa! got your comment on my blog this weekend from my guest post over on casey's blog. thank you! I just read all about your heart for africa and love it. couldn't agree more with all you said! I'm so glad that you are going back and can't wait to follow along your journey (Thank you google reader!) it will be amazing as you know. the enemy for sure wants to instill fear in us but don't let him do it! you were MEANT to do this and the lord will give you everything you need to get through it all!

    I can't wait to hear about this pending adoption too ;) know I'll keep yall in my prayers and anxiously await your stories from your time in Ethiopia, the best place on earth :)

    YES! Hope! isn't that sweet? and appropriate since your orphanage is "new hope" right?

    thanks for saying hi! glad we are friends now!