Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Thirty Three

307. Working in the nursery at church. Not only did I get to cuddle with a 3 week old babe, but I got to rock, and sing, and make baby talk at the sweetest little baby. And, it's practice. ;]

308. House hunting. You guys? This is really happening!!!

309. Evan's job interview!!! Eeeek!

310. Having almost the same sched as Evan. <3 <3 <3

311. Fridays. They never get old.

312. Generousness.

313. Having a professional work e-mail with an attorney sticker on it to scare my landlord with. (OH because it's only been 11 days without a shower and he's being a loser.)

314. When I texted my mom something that annoyed me, and I ended it with, "I want to tell her to shut her whore mouth, MOM." And she said, "Well at least I got your cell phone plan fixed. You have unlimited data now. That's one good thing for today." bahahaha always on the bright side.

315. My brother: "Do you know how to swing dance?" "Yes. Why?" "Can you teach me?" Awwwww!

316. That my parents cook us dinner and graciously let us use their shower until ours is fixed.  Dinner is just extra because they're nice.

317. Montana Little Leaguers! Whoohoo!

318. Most hilarious comedian ever. Had so. much. fun. And had two yummie slushies. (Thank you for dragging my mopey self out of the house, epc.)

2 loves:

  1. Congrats on everything esp house hunting!!

  2. I love the scary professional email. You're awesome. =] And all of the amazing things that your parents always say. They're the best.