Thursday, July 28, 2011


Oh, hi. I kinda went away for like 3 years for a sec. My b.

Apparently, having a real job is not only time consuming but tiring as well. I am so exhausted. In every way imaginable. Oh, also who knew that a torn shoulder would hurt sitting at a desk? Yeah, hi Dr. You'll-never-use-that-shoulder-again-surgery-isn't-worth-it. Ask Evan, who rubs my shoulder every night so I can move it again, how he feels about that.

Eight to five really is killer.

Except I do really like my job. I'm entertained there by just the ridiculousness of people. Like, really? Your suing for that? And that much? And you are an idiot? K. Good luck with life.

But my job really is good. They had a social for me on the first day where I got to meet everyone (well not everyone because that would be 200+ people and...yeah. I don't like to be the center of attention.) and they fed me fresh fruit and donuts and muffins. Seriously, though? Awesome. They're awesome.

And they have mini fridges in all the copy rooms stocked with soda and snapple and juice and water and there is fresh coffee and tea and coco and apple cider. ALL free. I mean seriously. I spend half my day debating on what I want to drink next.

What else.

I finally finished my very first sewing project ever!!! EVEREVEREVER! On the sewing machine Evan got me for Christmas. I made pillow covers for my living room couches. First, do you not agree that throw pillows are insanely over priced? They are, if you were wondering. I got throw pillows with my couch but they were ugly. So I made covers. They're removable which means they're washable which is a must in this house because Evan eats like a 2-year-old (loveyouevan) and we have shedding animals. Mustmustmust be washable.

Anyway. I started these pillows months ago. Probably in like April. I had this idea in my head. Yellow, gray, chevron. I looked up a pattern that made it look easy peasy. I'm a first time sewer. I can do that, I said. Until I realized she was using striped fabric to make her pattern and I was using two colors. Which meant I was going to end up with stripes anyway. So I just gave up on the Chevron because it was too frustrating and I hate math and measuring and my self healing mat is the size of a fingernail.

But I got it figured out, made the front of a single pillow and finally finally finally, three months later, knocked these babies out on Monday with my mom. She was proud. For having no direction or skill (Basically. You should have seen me try to sew a straight line for a minute there...) I did a good job. And I love them.

They brighten up my livingroom, they're girly and cute, and they are gross leather that is hot and sweaty on your face during naptime.

Yup. They actually all face the same way in real life on the couch, but for the sake of the picture I flipped them. Now I have a million more ideas for pillows and sewing projects and blahblahblah. I love sewing.

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  1. i love the pillows! You should post the pattern so I can try :)

    I'm so happy you like your job! 8-5 sucks...srslyyy

  2. Those pillows are great, and I am glad that you are loving your new job!!

  3. Your job sounds incredible. I'm so freaking happy for you. Can I please have a grown up job now? It's about time.

    I'm so proud of your pillows! They're awesome. =]

  4. Ok lady! Your job sounds awesome! So very cool!
    And I'm in love with your pillow covers! They look so good! Way to go!