Friday, July 1, 2011


The babes are just getting cuter and cuter. Minus that they now have full use of their bowels and have learned that this really irritates us most especially when the litter box is not being well used. [GROSS.]

But otherwise, oh man, I can't get enough. They have become little explorers and climbers which has resulted in: falling into the toilet, falling into the deep abyss of our hall closet (which includes suitcases, vacuums, and backpacks. Scary stuff.), falling into the water bowl, falling off the couch, falling off the bed (caught himself by sinking his devil claws into the sheet wrapped around the mattress.), and numerous scratches and tiny puncture wounds to our arms, legs, and feet as we are merely bridges from point A to point B.

We only have about 4ish more weeks with them, and although my allergies will be glad to see them go, me and Syb are going to have some major "empty nest syndrome" going on. Major.

So here's an update on the cuteness that is spewing from our home.

You only get three because the other three were being super anti-social. Divas. That second picture, the gray and white one....yeah we thought she was a boy up until a week and a half ago. Turns out she has girl parts! We called her a "he" for a long time so now she's probably sexually confused. Jamie will appreciate that. JUSTKIDDINGINSIDEJOKE.

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  1. awe, they are all turning out so adorable! If I didn't have allergies, I would totally be a crazy cat lady.

  2. This one girl who is taking one of them wants to be a crazy cat lady. I'm not even kidding a little bit. She honestly told me she wants to have a litter and keep them all. EW! haha Only if they stayed teeny tiny forever and ever.

  3. Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness!!! SO CUTE!!!!
    I was just about to ask you when your next batch of kitten pictures would be showing up. Love them!
    I think the second and last pic are my favorites, but, my golly, so stinkin cute!

  4. If any of them come up wasn't me! :]

  5. @Sarah-isn't that second picture so great? She was freaking out because my camera was trying to focus on her but she kept moving so the camera kept making noises. So she'd get real close and it'd make a sound and she'd back away all scared. So cute.

    @Colby-I never saw a thing =]

  6. Oh oh oh the cuteness is KILLING me. Want them all, especially the orange guy. My heart is melted.

  7. There is just too much cuteness in this post!!! How are you ever going to be able to give them away?!?

    I know how you feel about the allergies thing though. I have them BAD when I get around anything with fur, feathers, etc. Basically anything warm-blooded except *most* people. ;o) It really sucks! :o( Have fun with your babies for the new few weeks!!

    xoxo, Sarah Kate

  8. Cutest kitties EVER!
    I would have empty nest syndrome too if had those kittens and had to part with them.

  9. oh they are so cute, Larissa! you should totally keep at least one! they are too precious!