Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twenty Two

207. Sitting in in the gorgeous day hanging out with my parents while they plant flowers.

208. Sonic slushie on my hot throat. MM MM Good.

209. The night before a day off. And how you can do whatever you want because you have no responsibilities the next day.

210. How Evan brings our little zoo into our bed while we watch TV, read, and blog. We have six babies, one mama, one scared pup, and one protective pup all lounged out on our bed. We cuddle with the kitties and laugh while they traipse around. It's too cute.

211. When my pain dips below a 5 on the 1-10 scale. Success!

212. When I get really sick from my medicine and Evan does everything in his power to make me feel better. "Do you want a foot massage? A neck massage? A back massage? Do you want to watch a show? Read? Play Mario? Play Mario Cart? Play Mario Party? Play Sims like we used to when we were in college and not doing homework?" Such a sweetheart. I love him.

213. Playing Super Mario on the Wii with multiple people. Oh the screaming that ensues.

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