Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Seventeen

162. Turning 23, which, as a child was going to be the greatest year of my life. (Don't let me down, childhood dreams!)

163. A few drinks with friends, then a few games. Then staying up late and talking with friends. Just like highschool.

164. How many people write "happy birthday" on your facebook. How many people you have doubted even remember you, who take 3 seconds to write a simple, but ever so uplifting phrase.

165. Spending three days in. a. row. with my love.

166. Meshing the best things from past birthdays into this one.

167. Tulips.

168. When the sunshine makes you sleepy.

169. Evan's Grandma. I love her.

170. Using my new patio table for the first time!

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