Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snapshots of my life

My parents have the most beautiful dwarf apple tree in their backyard with the prettiest crepe paper flowers except the flowers are real.

Banana. Toffee. Mini. Pies. Dead.

The prettiest pink tree.

Nine dollar Target clearance dress. Love it, plus it's red.

My mom collects vintage yellow Heisey glass and a little bit of red glass. So I convinced her to use her expensive things with for my brother's party with his naturally destructive friends.
Love of my life.
I'm dying.
Here, too. (Except she's like, "get. these. things. off. my. boobies.")

It's monsooning here. Our town is flooded, surrounding towns are flooded, and we're losing bridges, streets, and golf courses.

This was my flower garden. Please note the two tennis balls in that one hole and understand that not all that damage is from the rain.

And we dug out a bunch of trees from this area and now it's flooded. Also, I planted a few new plants and those are probably watered enough for the next 30 years.

5 loves:

  1. KITTIES!!!!!

    You're pretty!

  2. rain sucks :(

    kitties are looking awfully cute though!

  3. love the dress pattern. so cute!
    awwww! Your kitties are getting bigger. so sweet!

  4. Ok, all these pictures. So fabulous.
    The trees--gorgeous.
    Your dress--so cute. Love.
    The kittens--I die. No really. D.I.E.
    So sorry for all the rain. But it can't last forever, right? :]

  5. Oh, Sarah, you kill me! Your comments always make my day =]

    And thank you everyone else, as well! <3 <3 <3