Saturday, May 28, 2011


Do I have a baby face?

Because twice today I was assumed to be in high school. Yes, high school. Yes, twice. Which would make me a baby because 18 is baby. Hello.

I spent the afternoon at my cousin's house for her graduation party and two of my aunt's coworkers who cannot be more than 2 years older than me, if that, said "I had my tonsils out when I was about your age." "About your age" huh? How old do you think I am? You cannot use that phrase for anyone in your age bracket. And really you shouldn't use that phrase under the age of 40. It's just weird.

THEN (this is the good one) this lady asked me if I already graduated. It was a high school graduation party so she apparently assumed everyone there was in high school? My aunt's sister-in-law, whom I've known since before birth, said "Oh, she's graduated from high school and college and she's married." So the lady says, "Oh you can't be older than 20." Yes, 20.


And so I told her, loud enough for the tonsil-when-I-was-your-age-girl to hear, that as a matter of fact, I am twenty three.

And my mom just sat there and laughed the entire time. Thanks, mom.

But no seriously, do I have a baby face?

 I suppose I can kind of see it. Perhaps I look young.

 (Now I have a complex so I went and bought a new dress, new makeup, and lipstick. Because I neeeeeeed to look 23 and not 18.)

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  1. That would be so annoying! BUT I can see where there coming from. You do look young, but it's kind of hard to tell just over the internet. I think that's good in a way because you'll be an old woman one day and no one will know it! Haha :)

  2. I seriously have never even thought about it before. I get carded every. single. time I go to my regular bar and the cocktail is the same each time. I just thought she's dumb for not remembering me, but maybe it's really my face and she doesn't believe my ID.

  3. I think it's just this early-twenties age thing.
    I had a guy ask me recently what school I graduated from. I told him the name of my college. He then informed me he was asking if I had graduated HIGH SCHOOL. Um, yes and yes.
    I kind of find it as a bit of a compliment, though. Might as well stay super young while we can ;]

  4. Haha.. don´t worry, I guess it can be even worse everytime.. my 21 years old friend is often considered to be 40.. and then, that´s truly annoying.

    You are beautiful, no matter what they say :)

  5. @Sarah-that is true. It will come in handy when I am 40 and look like I finally turned 21. Serious.
    @Susanne-Thank you, you are so sweet =] And I guess you are right! haha

  6. People think I am younger than I actually am all. the. time. And they don't only think I am younger than 20...they think I am younger than 18. I am 24.

  7. Ha- I guess it's not a HORRIBLE thing... But, I kinda obsessed over this specific thing this entire week.
    Someone asked who "the little girl" was, referring to me. I work in a nursing home! A little girl!?!
    Not five minutes later, this woman said that her husband thought that I had a baby, but surely that was absurd because I was WAY too young to have children. (I don't have kids, but still!!)

    So... oh well. There are worse things, I suppose ;)

  8. Oh my gosh- I feel you! The mall cards people because youa re not allowed there without a chaperone after 4pm. My husband works at the mall. I bring him dinner and such and I am always carded! Even when I say- That's my husband, this is his dinner... and this is my wedding ring!

    People always think I am about 16. So frustrating! Luckily I know what I will look like at 45. MY mom is still hit on by 20 year olds. I just wish people would stop asking what grade I am in!

  9. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! At least we can have a club or something. Also, it's so weird that your mall cards you. Haha

  10. You don't have a baby face, but you certainly look young!! I just turned 24 and deal with that a lot myself, but I know it's going to be way worse when people DON'T assume your young one day...

  11. You have a pretty and young face but I wouldn't say you look baby young, I think you look age appropriate! 20 and 23 don't really look so different, but they do act different. So I'd be more offended if they thought you were acting 20, not looking 20. Hahaha.

    I get this A LOT. I'm pretty small which is part of it. But seriously now, some people think I'm 17 and I'm ABOUT TO TURN 27. Snap. That'll be great when I'm 45 and they think I'm 25!! Hahah. When I was taking my little brother though the High School as he was starting 9th grade and I had just graduated from HS and was starting college, one of the teachers asked me "Are you starting 9th grade, too?" and I looked at him like "you've gotta be kidding" but instead I said, "Um. Just graduated from here, actually." Oh the life of a babyface, right?