Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 photos

I saw this on Danielle's blog and thought it was such a fun little photo roundup. So, here I am participating!

Click here to check hers out.

01/ Someone you spend a lot of time with: (Evan. Duh.)

02/ A picture of you: (me and a giraffe that is. Kenya)

03/ A random picture of you and your signif other: (Taken by an Ethiopian child.)

 baaahaha, I'm so funny. But seriously, sometimes they don't know where to aim. Here is take two:
 (Note Andrea in the back ground getting the image of like 4 kids trying to figure out the camera.)

04/ A picture of something that makes you happy: (Evan playing dad. Because when that time comes, he'll be so good at it.)

05/ An old picture of you: (From my Myspace days, of course. Also don't judge me, I was like 18 in this picture and was all about the three things I could do on photoshop.)

06/ A picture of your sibling: (An oldie but goodie.)

07/ A picture you've never posted on your blog before: (Candid. Love it.)

08/ A picture of a person you miss: (My grandparents. That's my grandpa. We were buds.)

09/ A picture of people who know you now and then: (Allie.)

10/ A picture of your favorite place: (Ethiopia.)

11/ A person you tell everything to: (My husband. Of course.)

12/ A picture of your everyday life: (My car. Because I have a cute flower AND I love my car.)

13/ A picture from a place you love: (Betcha can't guess where. haha)

14/ A picture that reminds you of great times: (Evan's 21st birthday trip to Denver.)

15/ A class photo: (First, please excuse the crappy picture of a picture. Hate. Second, doll. Baha jk. But not really. This is me preschoolish? The back says that I'm 4.5. I freaking loveeeed that 101 Dalmations sweat suit. Bomb. Also, where did that hair volume go and why is my hair straight?)

16/ A picture from the best day of your life: (Wedding.)

17/A picture that always makes you laugh: (We got a little stir crazy during homework hour.)

18/ A picture of your spare time: (Reading slash cuddling with the cat.)

19/ A photo from a great night: (21st birthday. Erin is going to kill me.)

20/ A picture of the people who are closest to you: (Welcome to the 90's. Defs my family. Contain your "awwwws," I know I was freakin adorable. And then so was Nick.)

(So many great things are happening in this picture. My mom's hair, my dad who could very well be photoshopped into every family picture from '88 on because he didn't change [he was there. promise.], my long zippered white washed jeans and tucked in shirt, that sunglasses pin [wtf.], Nick's uneven suspenders, Nick's hair [he's blonde? and this was like 2 months prior to his rat tail phase.], my mom's shirt which I'm pretty sure she still has. So great. Love my family and our photos.)

21/ A picture of someone you always have a good time with: (The bf's. Excuse my hair.)

22/ A picture of your parents when they were your age: (Aaaahhahahahaha. Ha. Okay, they are actually not 23 in this picture, they're older. But I couldn't find any other pictures so this will do. Aren't my dad's glasses the very best? He got LASIK and my mom cut her hair, don't worry. And that's me. I'm a chunk.)

23/ A picture from last summer: (In Florida at Hollywood Studios.)

24/ A photo of your closet friend of the opposite sex: (Brandon, Cody, Geoff, Ryan, Joe, Cam. Bffs. Baha. Oh also, thanks for opening a million bottles of champagne.)

25/ A picture of you on your favorite vacation: (Ethiopia will always be my favorite. Ignore my dirt tan please, thanks.)

26/ A picture of an accomplishment: (Swimming in three oceans. Crossing things off my bucket list. This is in the Philippines, so the Philippine Sea which is the Pacific. But the warm part.)

27/ A picture of your closest friends: (for the most part, but there are others.)

28/ A random picture from photobooth: (Happy family.)

29/ A photo that makes you smile: (And I have no idea who took it. It's just so perfect.)

30/ Someone you will never let go of: (I can't pick just one. I pick Roza, Derartu, and Evan. Of course.)

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  1. you look gorgeous in your wedding dress!

  2. Thank you! I felt gorgeous. hahaha

  3. Love love love all of these photos!
    The one mis-aimed one from Ethiopia is too cute!
    Your wedding pictures are stunning! XD

    p.s. Just found your comment about the stuffed mushrooms--I so glad you liked them! And yes, Ande's site is AWESOME for new recipes!

  4. Hahahah. You are right. I WILL kill you. Hate you. JK. Umm...but those pictures w/ all the booze! Ha. I never saw. I like. Though my upper body looks anorexic. Yeeesh.

  5. What a fun challenge! I want to do one now!
    Your wedding photos are so gorgeous!

  6. You should do it! It's super fun to share with everyone. And thank you. I don't have very many so the few I have are very precious to me.

  7. Absolutely love the picture of you and Grandpa. Def miss them! :)

  8. So do I. I have some hilarious pictures with them and I'm usually bawling my eyes out. Great times, apparently.