Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week of Thanks: Week Six.

60. Seeing people from my past life who remember my hopes and dreams and ask me if I'm achieving them. Well, no, but it means a lot to me that you remember =]

61. Husbands.

62. The funniest Valentine's Day card from Evan. And the prettiest flowers. He's so sneaky. And wonderful.

63. Homemade lasagna. Made by me. So it's the best.

64. Laughing so hard at work I started crying. (A. I accidentally called 911. B. I called this girl and left a message and was trying to give her the phone number but I just started saying random numbers and then my friend Ellen started laughing so I started laughing and then I just started spouting off all this random nonsense while trying not to lose it on the phone. Um, Ellen and Bjorg are basically the best people I've ever worked with. Love love love them.)

65. I started reading a book but then got sidetracked and stopped. I kept carrying it around hoping to start again and when I finally did, a sweet little note my friend wrote me at a bar fell out and totally made my night.

66. Game nights with friends.

67. The man who shoveled our sidewalks with his four wheeler. Thank you, because we are over doing any sort of winter work.

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