Monday, November 1, 2010


While I was gone my father had some major bonding time with my kitty. He kept her at his house so she wouldn't be lonely and I'm sure my other cat Lila that I pretty much gave to my dad because he thinks she's his daughter was not a happy camper.

Anyway, my dad gets all sorts of excited about cats. He's like a crazy cat lady but a took a kajillion pictures of Sybs and sent them all to me this afternoon. And this one is just adorable. I love it.

She's so stinkin cute. And she grew so much while I was gone. She's all fat and big now. She's almost bigger than Snap but Snap loves it because she's more of a playful size. Also, she's now obsessed with us and cuddles with us all the time. Like last night. I was laying on my bed reading and she just hopped up and curled up in my arm. Sweetest cat ever. I think she's half dog.

Oh, and if you're wondering what exactly is going on in that parents loveeee old farm equipment. They own like 5 different things. And that is a tractor. My dad works for the city and one day he was driving around and found it in this lady's yard and just went up to her and asked her if he could buy it. She said yes and he made my brother and I come haul it home for him. My mom has this gigantic rose garden in the front yard and they argued for like 3 hours about whether or not it should go in the garden. We put it in there anyway because she wouldn't make up her mind, and it actually looked really good, but then she threw a fit so now it's just chilling in their flower garden in the back yard. So no one can see it, but whatever.

My parents are the coolest. I adore them.


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