Thursday, November 11, 2010

My most favorite thing.

I think, if I could pick one thing, one favorite thing, in the whole wide world,

right now....
that thing would be singing with Evan.

Ps. I edited that picture. Montana isn't that vivid. Sorry to fool you.

We went to a karaoke bar with a bunch of our friends tonight and it was so fun. Seriously. I missed my friends so much. I loveee being away, being out of this way of life, but I love my people. And my people know who they are. And my people: I. Love. You.

Anyway. When we dropped Jam off at home we blasted one of my favorite life songs "Self Conclusion" by Spill and it was probably half over by the time we pulled in the garage. I made Evan finish the song, which we conveniently turned into a duet because we are bomb dot com at duets and then I made him play Lucky, which is our other favorite love song right now. 

And we sang to each other.

And at that moment in time, I was so in love. And so happy. Like there was nothing wrong in my life. My tummy didn't hurt, I wasn't tired, I wasn't worried about finding a job, or having enough money to do the things we want. I wasn't worried about it being 5 hours past my bed time and me being tired. I was h-a-p-p-y. Which is something I want to hold on to and not let go when I come across that feeling.

Don't get me wrong. I get that feeling a lot. I live a wonderful life. I am so in love with my life, it's kind of sick. I love my husband. (And I love saying that.) I love my friends. My family. My in-laws. My job? Ahahahah joke. 

But serious. I have an amazing life. And tonight, sitting in my car, singing with the love of my life, I was honestly happy. I was away from every thought that pounds through my head throughout the day, from the demands of my day to day life, and from every problem that has no solution. I was with him. 

And for that I am thankful.

And now my heart is full. And happy.

And my eyes are tired. So it's time for this one to go to sleep. And dream happy thoughts. =]


4 loves:

  1. Ditto beautiful girl. Love you more than you will ever know.

  2. Seriously, this filled my little heart up! And that is the goal. You win!! <3

  3. It's the greatest feeling in the world. It usually happens to me after Steven & I get done cracking up about something, but that's probably because we don't do duets...ever. Haha. Hearing me sing is like a baby cow being born or something.

  4. My voice kind of resembles a baby cow being shot or something but that's okay. Because it makes for a good laugh. Plus Evan can sing so he kind of picks up my slack.